While I am writing this, I am alone ‘makan angin’ dalam feeder bus, journey from SkyPark to MRT Kwasa Sentral. Alone aku memang alone weyh…. Aku sekoq2 je dalam bas ni. Biasa nya turun flight aku terus book grabcar but today decide nak try betapa ‘efficient’ nya public transport yang digembur-gemburkan. Berpeluh gak la ketiak tunggu bas kat bus stop sebab paneih. Sebab kete dok parking depan bus stop, bas-bas macam problem nak stop. Aku dah la katik, nasib baik driver T804 ni alert, nampak lambaian kasihsayang aku.

MRT Kwasa Sentral
Lengang… Parking boleh 4kali melintang. Setiap petak satu tayar pun boleh.

Dengan berbekalkan backpack, aku serius nampak macam pelancong! Pelagi… Acah-acahla. MRT Kwasa Sentral to MRT Mutiara Damansara is RM2.60. Ada one staff yang assist from the start how to buy the train token, siap camne nak tekan mesin beli tu. Kahkahkah. Sedia small changes sebab coins, RM1 and RM5 je mesin tu nak. Memilih! Hahhahahaa…

Token RM2.60
Udah sampei train nya…. Wuhuu…

Tak Ain la kalau tak sesat… Well, aku salah kuar gate Mutiara Damansara, so kena bertapaklah sikit ke feeder bus yang akan ke Damansara Perdana->Bukit Lanjan. Bas perantara ni akan lalu betui-betui depan umah aku. So, bagusla… Korang mesti tengah impress kan camne aku boleh tau? Cmne aku yang lahir cemerkap ni tau info berguna ni? Mestilah ada petua iaitu JANGAN SEGAN BERTANYA. 

So, sekarang aku dalam feeder bus T810 untuk ke umah aku. Ecehhh, macam khas untuk aku plak. Mestilah sebab aku sekoq2 je ni. Kata nya bas ni akan gerak every 15minutes. So, lagi 15minit aku kena tunggu, bertapa dalam bas. Naseb aircond. Kalo tak, berkari ketiak.

MRT Kwasa ke Mutiara around 7minit! Eh…Xiumin…Hi!

SkyPark -> MRT Kwasa Sentral: RM1

MRT K.Sentral->MRT M.Damansara : RM2.60

MRT -> MyLoft,D.Perdana : RM1


Total journey : ~1 hour

Sekian, laporan pelancong tak bertauliah.

One day I wish I will wake up from my sleep, pack my stuffs and leave…



Maybe, on that day, I will follow my heart and run straight to you.



I LIKE you too much, it scares the shit out of me.

They ask me why do I like you, a fantasy… They forget that I got PHD in running away from a reality

Even a fantasy can breaks my heart, do I really want to be hurt in real life?

Hi you!

This is THE fantasy.

Pic isnt mine. Credit to owner.


Me and my bed have a very weird yet in a very long term relationship. In fact, we are more ‘together’ than all my previous relationships with human called men.

Sometimes I behave like a spoilt little girlfriend to my bed. Hey, it is not an issue when my bed is more cuddly than a man ( exceptional premise for Xiumin ), warmer and never fails to keep my heart warms especially when I cry my heart out there. Only Allah knows how much my bed dries out my tears everytime.

Jealous much? Lucky Jongdae 😂😂

Sometimes, I really do not want to be near my bed. I even take desperate measure by sleeping on couch or even on the floor. I like sleeping at different places ( sometimes ), so I can have different dreams. Different places, different dreams, right? 

And after avoiding my bed for days and nights, I will long for my bed so much and I do not want to be afar from it. I just want to stay in bed whole day doing nothing. Bed. My bed. I acted like a girlfriend who is missing her long distance boyfriend.

My bed. A place where my dreams begin. A place where my dreams end. A place where I often do my deep thinkings, sometimes too deep… Too deep that it takes my whole night and makes me question my life purposes. Also will make me cry over stupid things such as Xiumin was killed in the first half of his movie and what shall I do in the later half. For Lord sake, it is just a movie, Ain! I still can not move on from it, btw. Damn you, Seondal.

It is 23:19pm now. And I… Is contemplating over useless shit in my bed. Tossing around. While watching over night skyline.

Night view from my bed. I fall asleep while watching this. EVERYDAY.

My bed.

The end.

Gif is not mine unless I state so. Credit to the owner.