Here I sit… looking over at the highways, and cars, and buildings, and any traces of a human possibly have. Ah, the trees too. My place got no electricity since afternoon and it nearly drives me crazy as my phone batt was at his 30% and the power bank was not charged prior. It feels kinda romantic to sit here with coffee, book and my beloved vanilla scented candle.

It makes you think about life. Hard.

It is indeed one crazy month.

A friend just divorced her husband of 5 years, no longer love the husband. Well, I do not really like the husband ( and his arrogant mother) too. How dare she rolled her eyes on me? I am not sorry. Now, this girl lives her life to the fullest. With a person who loves her. She too.

That same day, I said yes to a stranger that I never meet IRL. I do not know why but my heart just went beyond my logic. I felt at ease. I did not have doubt. My mind was clear. As clear as the sky on that day. Because he made it sounds sooo easy. We were on the same page. We have the same ideas ( still hopefully) in wedding things. I might have elope with him that same day if I have no love towards my parents and family. I am gambling on Allah’s fate.

We stop talking for 10 days now. And counting.

The day we cease the communication (his doing, not mine), husband of my other friend reached out looking for his wife that has been running away from home since two days ago. I am one of her close friends. He confessed, admitted to his wrongdoings whatsoever, that made my heart leaped out. Infidelity. Now, she is filling for a divorce.

What has happened?

Does not love conquers all?

How can you betray someone you say you love dearly?

Now I am thinking what the hell is I am doing with my life?