No expectation,

No dissappointment

Got notification suruh edit draft pasal resolution yakni azam tahun baru aku. Heck NO! *rolling my eyes*

I do not have any resolutions yet. Should I be honest? Yess… Masih wujud manusia yang tak buat azam tahun baru. Plannings… Hmm… Plans… I am making one now. Takde apa yang certain lagi.

Paling confirm? Ada!

Like… Marrying Xiumin? Not Xiumin. Kim Minseok. I do not want the alter ego. Demand much? Patut la tak kahwin-kahwin… They say the goal is not a goal until people say your goal is crazy. Am i crazy? Agakla…. Dalam 80%? Kahkahkah.

Mr. Kim is judging me and my life goal

Come on… I was totally busy kot masa new year eve. Tak sempat nak semangat-semangat.

And I was literally like this when I woke up on the 1st of 2017;

Seriously. No lying here. I really did wake up like this. Blur. Blank. Lost. Slumber. And… Topless. Morning, Luhan! Korang rasa dengan rupa cmni, aku mampu nak fikir azam? 

Then aku busied dengan nak kemas new place. Ada je benda. DO NOT JINX MY 2017! 

1st picture from my new place

Gimme few more days, or even weeks…( Hmm… Months?) to carefully think what I really want this year. I really want Xiumin btw. Cakap je… Tu pun nak emo. Pui.

This year is gonna be my selfish year. Fokus pada diri sendiri, bukan sebuk nak bahagiakan hati orang lain dulu. Self improvement? Maybe. Learning new skills? Barista license? Just like Xiumin has. Hey, do not judge! I also in long term relationship with coffee. I love iced americano and latte. Bagitau je. Hehe… Bukan apa. Prepare kot nanti Xiumin buka coffee bar/cafe, boleh la nak apply keja situ. See? Long term nya thinking. Ko hade? Takde kan~

Just so you know, aku akan gilap lagi my Japanese Language and also learn new language; Korean. Anything for you, Xiumin. Kahkahkah.
Malas ah. Semua life goals aku berkisar pasal Xiumin je ni… Apa cer? Confirm 200% gila.

Ok. Pape, roger. Eh? Ada nombor aku ke? Will update soon~

The gifs arent mine unless state otherwise. Please thanks the owners.


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