During my school and uni years, I always thought that I was an introvert. I was out of place, I guess. I do not really remember what I did then except for being in the library or surrounded myself with books. I should be crazily intelligent but I am not. Hahaha. I should be the straight As student but I seriously not. Even I wonder myself. Something is wrong somewhere.

Then, puberty hit me. Maybe too hard since I become more and more confident in my own skin, eh I mean myself. I become more cheerful and outgoing. I overcame my shyness and I found myself became more comfortable being amongst strangers. I concluded that I am an extrovert. With no doubt. Heck yeah~ I am fun. Lol. See, I am patting my own shoulder now.

After having too much fun during my yesteryears, I still do enjoy being in the crowd but I do not really fond being the center of the crowd, I love hanging out, talking about nothing laughing over every small childish stupid things with my friends but I am not really comfortable to hang around with unfamiliar faces.

As much as I enjoy being outside, socializing, at the end of the day or the week, I desperately need to be alone. Doing exactly nothing, or everything. Hence the reason why I choose to live alone rather than living with housemate. I watch whatever TV programmes that I want without being judge, I can read my books while drinking my coffee… I even spend time cooking my own meals, doing laundry and even going to gym alone.

The BEST of all? 

I do not have to wear pants or properly dress while being alone. I can sleep wearing my birthday suit and no one cares.

This 9gag summarised my perfectly alone times.

So guys, by all the proofs and statements above, I… Once and for all… Hereby… Declare that I am no introvert nor extrovert… But an AMBIVERT, little both of both sides. 

Yes… I am greedy. Dont hate the game, hate the player instead. Hahaa…


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