2 months before 2017. I am afraid. The future of mine is still out of my grasp, not in the picture. How shall I ends my 2016? I laugh lots… And I cry more. Alone. In my room, while hogging the blanket. And when I ‘talk’ to my Creator.

My close friends say I become more and more distant from the reality. I engage more and more towards Xiumin. They said I am crazy. Hahaa… OMG, will definitely write about Xiumin later.

Let me recap my 2016. So far la…


A year where loneliness and happiness become one; a year where I keep running away from REALITY.


A DREAM that keeps me going and breathing when I am too tired to live. I am now.


A FANTASY that much needed for painful reality be more bearable.


Empty vessel.

Lets pray for brighter days ahead. Damn, I talk like I was in despair. I am not, guys. 

Meh belanja gambo Xiumin sekeping.


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