Masih ingat Luhan?

Whom I used to adore before I cold-heartedly love Xiumin more? Well, I still like him. I do.

This is him.

This is Luhan. Lu Han. DeerLu.

And that was his ‘translated’ new song’s lyric since he is Chinese… And he sings in that language…And I… know… xie xie only.

Meaningful song. I tell you.

It was like a damn whole story of his life.

This is him and my Xiumin. 


maigod… I am obsessed!

Thank you to the one who translated this “CATCH ME WHEN I FALL

I will catch you, DeerLu. Straight to my heart.

Eh, ter’pickuplines’ plak.


Be good, Lu. You’ll never let me down.

Eventhough I obviously adore Minseok more, my phone’s ringtone was “Lu by Luhan” before most people said it seems quite sensual for a ringtone. Now “That Good Good” by Luhan is my go to ringtone.

I love you too, Minseok ❤


Nah, youtube link. Jangan lupa sambut Luhan bila dia jatuh. He is too cute to fall… Alone.

Credits to the gif and pictures owners. Not mine.


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