Love is a commitment.

Falling in love is like taking a leap of faith, believe the person we give our fragile hearts out to wont betray us.

It is like praying. We convey our problems and gratitudes to Allah in our prays, and it takes faith for us to leave our problems in His hands believing He will take care of it. 

And He does.


He does.

Life is not that easy. The ups and downs of it will consume us in no time if we let them to. What make it more bearable is the family;that stands behind us, rooting for us and friends that walk beside us, supporting us all the way. Those friends that hold our hands, pat on our shoulders, hug us to encourage us. 

Come on. Just one more step and you will be there.

Look, I am here with you. You are not alone.

Thats what I am talking about, girl.

I would like to have that kind of friends, especially before I take my leap of faith.


Because, knowing my personality, I am type of person who will isolate myself when I am unhappy. The sadder I feel, the more I isolate myself. The more I isolate myself, the deeper I fell into un-real world that I create myself. Why in the first place you guys think my obsession over Xiumin started?

That is how I protect myself. Sometimes, I fall too deep, too deep even me myself do not know where the bottom, the pit ends. That is torturing.

I kinda begrudgingly accept that my love for Xiumin is lil bit unhealthy now, but… I need it now.

My friends.



I really like u, kid.



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