Wechat kids

Definition : Bunch of kids who definitely have the ability to spell words properly since they all went to school (perhaps from the tender age of 4years old) yet refuse to use their spelling skills in order to look more hip, cooler than cool.

Trust me.

You look… Hmm… pain in my brain.

Come on. Abbreviation, simplifying certain words, grammar… Are fine. As long as we, human can read it without having to wriggle our little brains, or tails. Eh?

I hate to use my brain for no purpose.

My life is hard enough.

Please do not make me to.

I want to be normal. Once and for all…

“Mat Ri Ye” 

Please… Do not “Mat Ri Ye” me. I do not fond being seen as a dumb girl.

I kinda have pride in my not-so-genius-IQ.

New language? New trend? Come on… I have tons of language I want to learn. I am in fact still struggling with my Japanese Language and now I have to learn Korean too (anything for you, Minseok). Hahaa…lol.

Do not make my brain suffers more.

Please be kind.

Or at least…

Do yourselves a favour.

We all want to look like having IQ of 141. At least.
Kids, your parents sent you to school to learn ABC and spelling for a reason.

Quiz : What is “h73 4wucK” supposed to mean?
Me :

See? Even Xiumin does not acknowledge it. Do not dare ask me the answer. I DO NOT KNOW!


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