Just so you know… I have been living alone like… Forever. I am single for like… Damn you, ETERNITY!  

For those who is closed to me know that I have been obsessing over 2 things;

  1. Coffee
  2. XIUMIN a.k.a Kim Minseok

Hi Minseok! 

In 2 more months, new year is gonna happen. My friends are getting bored of me ( damn! )… They wont. I am fun. Hahahahaha… Some of them have been proposing me to migrate out of here.

Maybe I am off by far better out there. Maybe.


Yesss…. Maybe.

You guys are not trying to get rid of me, right?

Wanna get rid of me? Talk to the hand, bro! Hahaha

Since loneliness is consuming me more than ever now, I plan to own a cat, right after I settle down at new place.

A cat… Yup. You hear it right. A cat. A black one.

I want to own a cat so I can call him, Baozhi. And he will make this face everytime I call him;




Xiumin’s fans said he is afraid of cat.

Heck, I am terrified of cats.

I never have a cat. I tried to own pet. Tortoise. Even he dead. No worries. I did a very nice memorial service for him.

I tried to own cacti too. Even the cacti dead. Damn ME! They just wont sprout when I want to grow something. Maybe I should just focus on raising my own kid in future.

I do not care.

I want to own BAOZHI!

Cheers to BAOZHI

p/s : the gifs and pic are not mine. Credit to the owners.


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